January 01, 2020

In another New Years’ Eve match, the Navy Midshipmen and the Kansas State Wildcats faced off for the Liberty bowl. It was a thrilling encounter which nonetheless had a few goals. In the end, The Midshipmen emerged as the stronger team. They won the game 17-20.

Quarter 1

Bijan Nichols opened the scoring in the first quarter by scoring a field goal attempt from 21 yards out. Both teams had very strong defenses that first quarter and hence most attacks were quelled easily. In the end, the first quarter ended with only the three Navy points.

Quarter 2

Each of the teams got their first touchdown of the game during the second quarter. Phillip Brooks scored first for the Wildcats in the opening minutes of the quarter. Then, later on, Keoni-Kordell Makekau scored a touchdown on the other end zone for the Midshipmen. Blake Lynch scored a 39-yard field goal for the Wildcats to level the score-line.  

Quarter 3

The Midshipmen got their second touchdown of the game in the third quarter. This was courtesy of Chance Warren’s efforts after a Bijan Nichols’ kick.

Quarter 4

The Wildcats got their second touchdown of the game in the final quarter while the Midshipmen ensured their win with a field goal.  Skylar Thompson scored the touchdown while Bijan Nichols scored the 23-yard field goal. Stay tuned for highlights of the Belk bowl.