December 30, 2019

The Military bowl featured the Temple Owls and the North Carolina Tar Heels. The two college football teams played each other in a thrilling encounter which saw the Tar Heels take the day. They thrashed the Temple Owls and managed a 13-55 score line.

Quarter 1

Dyami Brown scored the first touchdown of the game after receiving a marvelous pass from Sam Howell. No other player managed to score during that entire first quarter. This meant that the North Carolina team ended the first quarter with a lead.

Quarter 2

Noah Ruggles scored two field goals for the Tar Heels to open and seal the second quarter. He scored the first one from 26 yards out and the other one from 36 yards out. Dazz scored a touchdown for the same team midway the second quarter. Re’Mahn had earlier on got a touchdown for the Temple Owls.

Quarter 3

Re’Mahn scored his and the Owls’ second touchdown just as the third quarter neared its end. However, earlier on, the Tar Heels had added to their tally with three more touchdowns. Antonio, Sam and Storm Duck were the scorers.

Quarter 4

Dazz and Antonio each got a touchdown for the North Carolina team to seal the game. Catch the highlights of the Pinstripe bowl in the next post.