December 23, 2019

The UAB Blazers and the Appalachian State Mountaineers faced off last Sunday for the New Orleans Bowl. The two NCAA teams put up an incredible show which ended in a win for the Mountaineers. They won the match with a score of 17-31.

Quarter 1

The Blazers got on the score-line first during the first quarter. They led during that quarter courtesy of two marvelous touchdowns. Hayden Pittman and Austin Watkins each got a touchdown.

Quarter 2

The second quarter saw the Mountaineers put up a marvelous show to try and ensure a comeback. They got a field goal and a touchdown for their efforts. Chandler Staton scored the field goal from 34 yards out. Thomas Hennigan scored the touchdown after catching Zac Thomas’s pass.

Quarter 3

The third quarter was the last active scoring quarter of the match. The Mountaineers got three touchdowns during the quarter to ensure a comeback. The Blazers only got a 49-yard field goal from Nick Vogel. Darrynton, Trey, and Hennigan each scored a touchdown for the Mountaineers.

Quarter 4

None of the teams scored during the final quarter of the game. Stay tuned for the highlights of the New Mexico bowl in the next post.