December 30, 2019

The Pittsburg Panthers relied on a narrow margin to take the Quick Lane bowl home. This was after the team put up a thrilling performance against the Eastern Michigan Eagles. The Thursday match ended in a 30-34 win for the Panthers.

Quarter 1

Chad opened the scoring with a 35-yard field goal for the Eagles. Then, Mike Glass III finished off a three-yard run with a marvelous touchdown for the same team. All this while, the Eagles had put up very strong defenses and the Panthers never managed to score during the opening quarter.

Quarter 2

The Panthers scored for the first time during the second quarter. First, Alex Kessman got a 44-yard field goal. Then, Maurice and Vincent each scored a touchdown. Quian Williams got a touchdown for the Eagles. Chad scored another field goal, this time from 45 yards out.

Quarter 3

Alex Kessman scored a 51-yard field goal to ensure that the scores were level.

Quarter 4

The final quarter saw the Panthers get two touchdowns to win the game. The Eagles, on the other hand, only got one touchdown and a field goal. Jared and Taysir scored for the Panthers. Arthur scored the touchdown for the Eagles while Chad scored the 48-yard field goal. Stay tuned for the highlights of the Independence bowl in the next post.