January 01, 2020

The Redbox bowl was the last one to be played out on Monday and it featured the Illinois Fighting Illini and the California Golden Bears. The Golden Bears from California University were the better team and managed to win the match. They won with a 20-35 score line.

Quarter 1

James McCourt got a 25-yard field goal during the early minutes of the game. He put the Fighting Illini ahead but soon after Collin Moore scored a touchdown to take the Golden Bears ahead. Then, Daniel Barker scored a touchdown for the Fighting Illini just as the first quarter ended.

Quarter 2

Chase Garbers and Christopher Brown Jr. each got a touchdown in the second quarter to take the Golden Bears ahead. James McCourt scored a 30-yard field goal for the Fighting Illini in the final minutes of that quarter.

Quarter 3

Gavin Reinwald scored a touchdown in the third quarter to widen the gap that the Golden Bears had established. This allowed them to stroll to a win in the next quarter.

Quarter 4

Two touchdowns during the last quarter from each team finalized the match. Nikko scored for the Golden Bears while Reggie Corbin scored for the Fighting Illini. Catch all the highlights of the New Years’ Eve bowls in the next posts.