January 03, 2020

The New Year’s Day saw plenty of NCAA action. The rose bowl was played out between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Oregon Ducks. The two teams put up a gallant performance and each battled till the end to win the game. However, the Ducks were ahead with one point by the final whistle and won. The final score was 27-28.

Quarter 1

Justin Herbert got the first touchdown of the game for the Oregon team. Soon after, Aron scored a touchdown on the other end zone for the Badgers. Collin Larsh later on scored a 44-yard field goal for the Badgers.

Quarter 2

Justin Herbert scored his and the Ducks’ second touchdown of the game. Later on, Quintez Cephas scored a great touchdown on the other end zone to ensure that the Badgers remained ahead.  

Quarter 3

Each of the teams got a touchdown during the third quarter. Brady Breeze scored for the Ducks while Mason Stokke scored on the other end zone for the Badgers.

Quarter 4

Collin Larsh scored a 27-yard field goal for the Badgers in the final quarter. However, it was Justin Herbert’s touchdown later on which ensured that the Ducks won the game. Stay tuned for the highlights of the Outback bowl in the next post.