December 13, 2019

Iowa Hawkeyes hosted the Wisconsin Badgers for their week 11 NCAA game. The Badgers who had come from a bye week after getting defeated by the Ohio State Buckeyes won the game. They had two extra points when the final whistle was blown to win the match 24-22.

Quarter 1

The hosts scored first through a field attempt. Keith Duncan scored the 24-yard field goal in the opening minutes of the first quarter. None of the teams scored again that entire first quarter.

Quarter 2

The Badgers got two touchdowns in the second quarter to take the lead. First, Danny Davis III scored after a Collin Larsh kick. Then, late into the same quarter, he scored again after catching Jake Coan’s pass. In between the touchdowns, Keith Duncan scored a 40-yard field goal.

Quarter 3

The visitors got their third touchdown of the game during the third quarter. Quintez Cephas scored the touchdown after a Jake Coan pass.

Quarter 4

The hosts got two more touchdowns and a field goal in the final quarter as they tried a comeback. Nico and Tyrone scored the touchdowns while Keith scored the 39-yard field goal. However, Collin Larsh scored a field goal from 29 yards out to ensure that the Badgers won the match. Stay tuned for highlights from the next Badgers game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  

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