Phrone(TM)- Low Profile Universal Case

 $5 shipping!!

Busy Plumber heading to the site, Mother of Dragons, or High School Garage Band Lead Singers... what to they all have in common? They can't use their phone in the U.S. without putting their lives or someone elses at steak... its also ILLEGAL! DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE! So what is the solution to plumber getting an update on the site location or mom quelling the dragons with some music without touching the phone?! Easy, the 360 degree swivel mount, Phonre TM. The  mount is perfect for everyone since it mounts easily onto the phone or case, any device, and is low profile/light weight. Skip the added bulk and gain the comfort of plopping your phone onto the magnets!!

This is also great for those of you with kids who are just getting behind a wheel. Lead by example. Buy one for your self and one for them. 

Never get lost again!! Maps and driving have never been easier. never fumble with your phone again while driving. Focus on the road as you leave you device on the dash in the perfect location. 

The mount uses electronics friendly magnets to allow full 360 degree movement. The mount uses 3M backing to be mounted on your dashboard any where. This is an extremely low profile mount that is great for phones, tablets, and any other thing you attach a magnet to. 

Buy three today for our utmost gratitude! Make America safe again with this slick mount!!

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